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Lady Fluffy Fay Chanel

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Color: Blue Spotted Tabby (a 24)

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The character of our Shaya is multifaceted. On the one hand, she is a very independent cat. She chooses her daily routine and line of behavior depending on her mood. On the other hand, Shaya is always close to us. Every time she meets her people at the door and it doesn’t matter if she has just was sleeping. It is her job to be sure we back home. She will come on my knees with pleasure while watching the evening movie and will help in all ways of housework. She loves to play «hide and seek», so we are never bored.

Full Name: Chanel Flaffy Fay
Home name: Shaya
Sex: Female
Breed: Scottish Fold SH
Color: Blue Spotted Tabby (a 24)
Date of Birth: 20 Feb 2017
Club Registration: Rolandus Union Int., ICFA
Title: Champion
Awards: Best in Color Nominee, Best in Breed Nominee

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