Worldwide kittens delivery

We offer worldwide delivery by reliable delivery agents. If you are interested in our kittens, please let us know your location or destination when you’re ready to meet your new family member, and we’ll provide additional information about delivery options.

The most important thing to remember: kittens are ready to leave their Mom and could be introduced to their new forever homes only after two rules are fulfilled:

  • kittens are fully independent, and they can service themselves by their own;
  • kittens have got all the necessary veterinary health care (including vaccinations and observation after them).

This means that any kitten can leave cattery only after 3 month and 2 weeks of age.

Regular veterinary health care package includes:

  • treatment for common parasites prevention;
  • primary vaccination at the age of 12 weeks by two doses of FELOCELL 4. FELOCELL 4 is preventing feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) caused by feline herpesvirus-1, respiratory disease caused by feline calicivirus (FCV), feline panleukopenia (FPL) caused by feline parvovirus (FPV), and feline chlamydiosis caused by Chlamydia psittaci;
  • rabies vaccination at the age of 12 weeks.

Additionally we can provide you with any necessary veterinary examinations or tests of kittens you’re interested in to ensure your new family member is healthy and will live his or her best life with you. Ukrainian veterinary section offers high quality services at an appropriate price range. If you’re interested, kitten can be neutered before being delivered, but the appropriate age and the recovery period should be considered as kitten delivery delay term.

Please note: we DO NOT deliver kittens during extreme weather conditions for far distances. Kitten delivery is a complicated and delicate process, so be ready to stay in touch during the delivery process. COVID-19 lockdown in some cases impacts delivery terms, routes and prices.

In any case of delivery we put care and love first, because we consider the health and wellbeing of our kittens as the most important concern.

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