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Sir Phil Little Foot

Date of Birth:

Color: Lilac Silver Tabby Colorpoint (cs 21 33)

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Phil is Gentleman cat. He is very courteous with our Ladies and patient with all of their whims. Our Phil has a very balanced, reasonable character. Absolutely calm cat although he likes catch-up game and plays with pleasure. Our teddy bear with kind eyes and a stern look has won our hearts and the hearts of our cattery’s Ladies.

Full Name: Philemon Little Foot
Home name: Phil
Sex: Male
Breed: Scottish Straight SH
Color: Lilac Silver Tabby Colorpoint (cs 21 33)
Date of Birth: 28 Sep 2019
Club Registration: Rolandus Union Int., ICFA
Title: Champion
Awards: Best in Color Nominee, Best in Breed Nominee

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